Sampling Single-Use Assembly

Our Sampling Single-Use Assembly is the optimal solution to manage fluid samples of different batch sizes. The manifold tubing assembly can be attached to any device with aseptic connector options for the sterile transfer of liquids required in biopharma. Its fully customizable design allows for a range of configurations and connections to fill platforms, pump assemblies and any other life-science or biotech device.

Delivery time2-8 weeks, depending on complexity

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IRIS Manifold | Single-Use Assemblies

As an expert in single-use solutions, we have made it our goal to deliver vendor agnostic single-use assemblies manufactured at highest quality standards in ISO 7 cleanrooms and sterilized within shortest lead times. Prevent downtime and ensure an uninterrupted supply chain in compliance with GMP and regulatory requirements with our single-use manifold assemblies using silicone tubing and connectors of your choice.