End-To-End Solutions for Bottles

Rigid Containers in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Bottles are widespread in the logistics of biopharmaceutical manufacturing as primary packaging for liquid transfer. However, the common usage includes still to perform manual handling. This includes the risk of cross-contamination and decreases the overall process performance.


The scalability and overall process performance can be improved through automated process solutions that make bottles pertain to a primary package as closed system: Rigid containers can be upgraded to closed systems by using bottle caps with inlet/outlet tubing and a vent filter.

This leads to a closed operation eliminating the need for laminar flow or grade A environment.

With end-to-end process solutions around single-use PE bottles it is possible to integrate bottles in an automated modular process which can be performed as closed system. It even opens doors to Pharma 4.0 by digitalizing primary packagings.

Supporting the industry trend from bottles to single-use bags, hybrid end-to-end solutions help to implement processes for both primary packagings in one platform.


Complete innovative process solution

Single Use Support offers an integrated and vendor-independent platform for single-use PE bottles that covers the entire process from filling/filtration to freezing/thawing and shipping. Unlike stand-alone silo platforms, this approach addresses specific manufacturer and laboratory requirements. In order to let go of silo mentality that still dominates in supplies for biopharmaceutical industry Single Use Support rounds off its product innovations with full services with regards to qualification & validation, after-sales, engineering and more. It is time to increase rationalization processes and to eliminate the risk of product loss.



Bottle RoSS | Protecting Bottles

RoSS (Robust Storage and Shipping) can also be translated for PE rigid containers. With Bottle RoSS the tubings on bottles are protected at glass-like sub-zero temperatures with the help of a soft 3D foam which hardens at frozen state.


RoSS.FILL Bottle | Fill-Filtration

Fully automated filling and filtration system - used for filling of bottles for drug substances within less than 1 hour/batch.  Contains 1 control unit + 1 bottle filling rack


IRIS Single-Use Assemblies

As an expert in single-use solutions, we have made it our goal to deliver single-use assemblies manufactured at highest quality standards in ISO 6 cleanrooms and sterilized within shortest lead times. Prevent downtime and ensure an uninterrupted supply chain.

Features and Benefits

  • Adaptability of single-use systems 
  • Reduced risk of contamination through closed system during filling
  • Reduced product loss through breakages/leakages
  • Faster operations due to automated process flows
  • Independent from size and manufacturer of bottles
  • Hybrid single-use technologies paving the way to switch to single-use bags
  • Improved storage density of platform systems and sterile consumables
  • All-in Services 

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Enabling end-to-end process solutions for bottles

The Single Use Support end-to-end process for bottles can be applied independently from bottle manufacturer, it is modular and can be topped off with services such as qualifications, after-sales service and biopharma know-how.


Single-use end-to-end solutions - flexible, scalable and reliable

In an extremely complex, competitive and constantly evolving sector such as the biopharmaceutical industry, flexibility is key, not least since it is an immensely varied and compliance-driven field. Learn more in this article!


The call for industrial end-to-end solutions in Biopharma has been heard

Irrespective of what industry we are talking about, the term end-to-end solution describes a principle that takes a system or service – from beginning to end – and delivers a complete functional solution.


End-to-end solutions for optimized drug substance logistics

You know about the risk of contamination due to human error with drug substances in the biopharma industry? In this article you will find out why Single Use Support is with its end-to-end solution your partner in the biopharmaceutical market.

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