RoSS.pFTU Lab-Scale | Plate Freeze & Thaw

Freeze-Thaw | Lab freezer | 1mL - 10L

Our plate-based laboratory freezer (lab scale) is the perfect solution for clinical studies conducted in labs and, above all, if you want to start a controlled, cGMP-compliant and scalable freezing process. 

This lab freezer shows the best product stability results for Cell and Gene therapy or mAbs.  RoSS.pFTU lab scale is compatible with single-use bioprocess containers of all sizes and manufacturers. This is your ideal freeze thaw system.

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Advantages of controlled plate-freezers

Dark blue spots indicate a higher cryoconcentration. 
Fast & controlled freezing with a plate freezer enables a homogeneous freezing result.

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Freeze & Thaw for Labs

Compact freeze & thaw unit for small batches.

Monitored freezing and thawing of small batches – more important than ever in times of autologous and allogeneic cell therapies and gene therapies.

The RoSS.pFTU Lab Scale is the perfect solution for clinical trials and studies conducted in laboratories and, above all, if you want to start a controlled and scalable freezing process.

Another milestone towards more patient safety!

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RoSS.pFTU Lab Scale Description

Plate-based Freeze & Thaw Unit for freezing and thawing of smaller volumes of drug substances protected by RoSS shells

  • Lab scale freezes drug substance volume from 1mL up to 10L per bag and more, depending on bag type
  • Setpoint freezing down to -80°C / -112°F
  • Hybrid optionally: Both bags and bottles can be frozen in this lab scale unit.
  • Usage for stability studies in labs
  • Full automation and cGMP-compliance allowing a seamless transition to RoSS.pFTU large scale
  • Compatible with 2D single-use bags of all manufacturers and sizes
  • Protective RoSS shell and RoSS.KSET for single-use bags are recommended for freezing
  • Freezing at highest possible speed & accuracy

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Article: Walking on Thin Ice - Controlled Freezing & Thawing of APIs

Read Single Use Support's article, published on Cell & Gene Therapy Insights, why it is important to adapt both freezing and thawing processes to the characteristics of the protein or active pharmaceutical ingredient for cold chain storage and shipment. Controlled freezing and thawing facilitates consistent product quality during the fluid management processes involved in manufacturing. 

CGTI 2022 Controlled Freezing-Thawing of Pharmaceutical Active Molecules

CGTI Podcast Interview: Controlled Freezing-Thawing of Pharmaceutical Active Molecules

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Data sheet

Datasheet RoSS.pFTU LabScale

Datasheet RoSS.pFTU Lab Scale

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Whitepaper: How Controlled & Scalable Freezing Becomes Reality

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Scalability Guide RoSS.pFTU

Freeze & Thaw Scalability Guide

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RoSS.pFTU Lab Scale Benchtop | Freeze-Thaw

Plate freezer RoSS.pFTU Lab Scale Benchtop is the easy-to-implement platform system for labs to perform freezing of small volumes in 2D single-use bags for clinical studies, clinical trials and cell and gene therapies.

Freeze & Thaw System

Freeze-thaw study protocols - Single Use Support

Freeze & Thaw platform

The Single Use Support freeze-thaw platforms provide insular solutions for the freeze/thaw processes of each clinical phase. Our new freeze-thaw units are fully scalable and compatible with all batch sizes and bags from all established manufacturers – you will only require one single system from the lab to blockbuster production.

Small Lab freezer for single-use technology

Biopharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly utilizing single-use technologies for cold storage, shipping in the cryogenic temperature range and the transfer of biopharmaceutical substances and reagents under strict temperature control. The advantages speak for themselves:

By abandoning cost-intensive, outdated, and bulky lab equipment such as auto defrost solid door upright freezers, conventional manual defrost chest freezers, and ultra-low temperature freezers, manufacturers can save considerable amounts of USD and increase productivity considerably for each cu ft of plant space.

Single-use technologies, and single-use bioprocess containers in particular, require little storage space, which makes them a cost-effective solution. Additionally, bags of different sizes are freely available on the market and, where required, established and standardized quality tests are available to be conducted before filling and use.

Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted a weak point in the life science and biopharma business: refrigeration, freezing and cold temperature technology in general. With the need to manufacture massive amounts of vaccine vials with unprecedented storage requirements, the bottleneck of vaccine storage and transport emerged. This situation challenged innovative companies to develop benchtop solutions to overcome lab refrigerators and small lab freezers.

But the advantages of single-use technology do not end with the storage: The entire handling of the logistics process for biopharmaceutical liquids is fool-proof, especially when compared to the utilization of stainless-steel tanks, Cryo vessels and other traditionell alternatives. With the use of single-use technologies, cleaning, storage as well as complicated logistics can practically be omitted.

Where the water volume as well as chemical detergents required when using stainless-steel solutions are significant and far from being sustainable, single-use technology is leading the way in terms of sustainability.

All these factors apply to established manufacturing as well as the production of small batches conducted in labs or for study purposes with conventional methods such as chromatography, countertop centrifuges, PCR, pipettes, and electrophoresis.

Bulk.Stream RoSS shell

More solutions


RoSS.pFTU Mid-Scale | Plate Freeze & Thaw

Up to 100L: Our mid scale freezer is a plate freezer and thaw unit designed for RoSS shells, to protect your preferred single-use bag during cryogenic applications. 

RoSS.pFTU mid scale is compatible with single-use bioprocess containers of all sizes and manufacturers and shows best product stability results for your biopharmaceuticals up to 100L. 


RoSS.pFTU Large-Scale | Plate Freeze & Thaw

Up to 400L: Our large scale freezing platform system is a plate-based pharmaceutical freezer and thaw unit for any scale and batch size. Well-established RoSS.pFTU large scale is compatible with single-use bags of all sizes and manufacturers. The hybrid solution offers freeze-thaw capabilities for bags and bottles up to 400L in one platform.  


RoSS.FRDG | Ultra Cold Storage Freezer

RoSS.FRDG is an ultra cold storage fridge for frozen drug substances in different sizes. The ultra cold freezer keeps the desired set point temperature down to -75°C. RoSS.FRDG offers highest storage density, is fully movable and can be modularly adapted to your individual needs.


ROSS.SHAK | Shaker

RoSS.SHAK is your reliable shaker to regain highest quality and homogeneity of your biopharmaceuticals.

RoSS.SHAK enables constant shaking of your protein to regain homogeneity and product quality after freezing. Shakes up to 70L per run in 3 pre-defined speeds.

Product Photo_RoSS.PADL-1-trim

RoSS.PADL | Homogenizing Solution

RoSS.PADL is a scalable massaging platform for achieving a uniform mixture in
single-use bags. With integrated cooling and heating, it maintains optimal temperatures

Cryogenic Freezer RoSS LN2F

RoSS.LN2F | Cryogenic Freezer

RoSS.LN2F is a powerful cryogenic controlled rate freezer for temperatures down to -170°C/-274°F. An enclosed LN2 system and our innovative direct injection system ensure no direct exposure and no mechanical compressors are needed. This ensures a safe, low-maintenance and energy-saving handling.


What is a lab freezer?

Lab freezers are devices with the purpose to keep products at temperatures between 10 and -40 °C. RoSS.pFTU Lab Scale is a plate based freeze-thaw unit for labs, showing perfect features for laboratory studies or cell and gene therapies.  

What is a medical freezer?

Medical freezers are specifically designed to store medical substances. Since these goods come with specific needs, the according devices have to meet several criteria that set them apart from ordinary household freezers.

What is the difference between a blast freezer and a plate freezer?

While blast freezers use cold air that is blasted on products that are yet to be frozen, plate freezers work via direct contact between the cooled plates and the products.

What is the difference between a lab freezer and a fridge for lab?

Both the lab freezer and the fridge for labs work with extremely low temperatures. But while lab freezers are devices that are made to cool down specific goods to these low temperatures, fridges for labs are designed for the storage of the frozen goods in the appropriate temperature range.

Single Use Support has created both the freeze/thaw platform RoSS.pFTU (with high-performance plate freezers in different sizes) and the RoSS.FRDG, which is a specialized freezer for labs that is scalable, stackable, comes with high storage density and great temperature stability.

What temperature is a lab freezer?

While low temperature freezers can achieve cooling temperatures in a range between around -10 and -45 °C, ultra cold freezing requires lower temperatures, between -60 and -80 °C.

What are the costs for a lab freezer?

RoSS.pFTU lab scale is a freeze thaw unit and the perfect solution for clinical studies conducted in laboratories. The platform freezes and thaws to stable results and is therefore not comparable to a typical laboratory refrigerator, just keeping cold temperatures. We can provide costs in a quote upon request. Please also consider the possibility for lab freezer rental. 

Is there the possibility for lab freezer rental?

Our lab freezer is now available for rent.  Test the freeze-thaw unit for up to three months. You will get the rent paid refunded if you decide to purchase the platform. 

More information

Plate freezer large scale with RoSS shells

Plate freezing: best approach for freezing biopharmaceuticals

Plate freezing is a process where a product’s temperature is reduced by the means of contact with cold surfaces. Thus, a defining step in the freeze-thaw process for conservation, with several advantages for biopharma.

Single-use technology

Single-use technology & the implementation in biopharma

Single-use technologies, which reduce the risk of cross-contamination of high-quality bulk drug substances, are becoming increasingly popular in the pharmaceutical industry. You can find out the reason for this in the blog post!

Freezing & Storing biopharmaceuticals at -80°C and below - The best economical choice

In this publication we show that the intital price can be deceiving and there are significant additional costs during ongoing usage in the long term. Plate freezers ensure a complete, consistent, and fast freezing (and thawing) to ensure the quality of your high-valued drug substance is maintained, and through simple lifecylcle analysis they outpace conventional options regarding total costs.

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