Hard, manipulation-safe shell – soft core!


The tested single use bag receives its 100% safe and compact shell.

Single use bags with a volume of 50 ml to 0.5 l are covered with a first layer of soft 3D foam. This offers protection and dampens shocks. Furthermore it allows for an expansion of the liquid volume and the bag in the freezing process. An innovative and intuitive sealing system is a further feature to warrant functionality and safety.

The RoSS.KSET unit is made of high-density stainless steel. The container can be locked and sealed, while an inspection window enables visibility of all product specific data. This guarantees absolute protection against manipulation and maximum transparency as well as intuitive handling at the same time.


Advantages of the stainless steel construction:

  1. Stainless steel offers maximum durability and extreme strength.
  2. When in direct extensive contact with the bag, it is the ideal basis to keep the freezing process effective from the beginning all the way to the end and allows for a gentle thawing process.
  3. The stainless steel shell is safe up to temperatures of -200°C / -328°F.



  • A container for all standard compact 2D single use bags (e.g. Origen, Miltenyi Biotec, ...) and all sizes
  • Robust and closed construction, construction, with temperature regulation, to secure the single use bag
  • Viewing window to read captions when container is closed/sealed
  • 3D foam offers extra space and protects the sensible connection of raw bag and tubing – complete immobilization < 0°C / 32°F
  • Space for satellite samples/ID bags/vials
  • Sealable locking system protects against manipulation
  • Suitable for cells (Apheresis), viruses and DP bags
  • L2 DEWAR/Shipper compatible
  • Stainless steel container for consistent and quickest possible freezing and thawing
  • High density, which means compact measurements of the shipping unit
  • Ease of use during the recycling process – no composite materials
  • Serialized CGT.KSET available (specific RoSS.KSET for certain single use bags for segmented handling)
  • Robust locking-/opening mechanism with clear indicator
  • Open/locked clearly indicated
  • Easy to lock with thick gloves
  • Special lock to minimize risk of pinching and of damaging the single use bag


Like an amulet, RoSS.KSET carries its content softly covered and protected around the globe.

We see issues with integrity of Single Use Systems in the biopharma world. Potentially, the MITS.2D technology is able to help address Endotoxin and Bioburden issues properly. Sterility is key for some applications very close to the patient in Fill and Finish facilities. Midterm, MITS.2D might be able to mitigate the risk of biocontamination in these process steps also.


FDA authority, USA

We were looking for a solid shipping solution for our single use bags. None of the available solutions to date offered reassuring solutions.
Thanks to a fortunate coincidence we got in touch with SUSupport. Not only have we found a more than solid solution for our main problem thanks to their product RoSS® but we now have access to a clever and 100% safe drug substance logistics system.

Program Manager

Lonza AG, Basel

Hier können Sie sich mit einem Klick das technische Produktdatenblatt zu RoSS.SHIP, das RoSS® Konstruktionsvideo wie auch eine Fallstudie zur RoSS® Anwendung mit einem Klick an ihre E-Mail Adresse senden lassen.

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