Global deliveries at shortest lead time

Production at Single Use Support is at full blast. After receipt of many orders from all around the world, the second half of 2020 is in the light of its delivery. On time Our service-oriented approach has led to unrivalled delivery times. This was not only very well received from vaccine manufacturers for COVID-19 which […]

Industrial end-to-end solution provider to bridge gaps in biopharma

The call for industrial end-to-end solutions in Biopharma has been heard

Irrespective of what industry we are talking about, the term end-to-end solution describes a principle that takes a system or service – from beginning to end – and delivers a complete functional solution.

Bulk filtration for biopharma purposes

An explanation and definition of bulk filtration: What is bulk filtration, what are the different filtration methods and what did bulk filtration look like before single-use technologies came along? The filtration of liquids – commonly done in bulk – is a crucial part of most biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Amongst other purposes, this important step serves […]

Unprecedented flexibility to fill well

Automated Bulk Drug Substance Filling Systems fully embedded in end-to-end process streams. Several surveys have shown that more than the half of CMOs and Biopharma manufacturer still use manual filling to dispense and aliquot drug substance into primary packaging, such as single use bags and bottles.(1) Manual handling comes along with a higher potential risk […]

Case Study: How to save storage space with single use bags

Storage capacity is limited at most biopharmaceutical manufacturing plants. Single use bags with its flat shape is predestined for stacking and offer great solutions to increase storage density on-site but also for shipment. A US-biopharma company has changed its primary packaging of drug substance to single use bags in order to achieve an improvement of […]

Seed train intensification - the next big step in biopharma

Seed train intensification – the next big step in biopharma?

The pharmaceutical – and especially the biopharmaceutical – industry doesn’t know any such thing as standstill. It is driven by ongoing research regarding new compounds and therapies, and the requirements in the laboratories and production facilities are changing accordingly. With the growing demand for new drugs – not least triggered by the corona pandemic – […]

CAR-T cell therapy – novel therapy with great potential

CAR-T cell therapy – novel therapy with great potential

The so-called CAR-T cell therapy is a promising personalized therapy approach in the treatment of patients suffering from acute or chronic leukemia. What sounds like a relatively straightforward procedure, requires complex – and costly – processes that are, however, worth both time and money, as they have massive potential to be used in a broader […]

Reducing bottlenecks in COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing

How biopharmaceutical companies in the maze to find a vaccine against COVID-19 are relieved from agile suppliers with simplification processes and open mindsets, such as Single Use Support. Troubleshooting with fast, safe, and scalable single-use solutions has proven its effectiveness in extremis. First, there was a life science industry that was built up with rigid […]

Drug substance filling – manual versus automated systems

Streamlining drug substance filling with automated systems

According to a recent survey by Aspen Brook, a surprisingly high number of biopharma manufacturers is still employing manual processes when it comes to the filling of drug substances. However, biotechs and CMOs alike are investing in novel bioprocessing approaches to meet the changing needs of a rapidly evolving market that requires bioprocessing approaches that […]

Japanese order as next milestone for Single Use Support

Only shortly after entering the Indian market, Single Use Support has now expanded its Asian business areas once again: One of the biggest biopharmaceutical companies in Japan has now ordered products for leveraging large scale development of monoclonal antibodies. Double Helix International Inc., as local partner in Japan, has realized the spectacular deal and the […]