Single Use Support

BioProcess International Conference & Exhibition, 25-28 September

At the Converence in Boston we had the chance to present our products, our mission:

Title: BULK STREAM MANAGEMENT - how to reduce risk in this critical process


Bulk volumes are increasing rapidly and the existing Single Use Technologies do have their limitations in the field of Freeze/Thaw/Transportation of it. We show a way how to push this process to the next level. A scalable end-to-end concept with reduced manual manipulation and full traceability draws the line to reduce product loss and an increase in patient safety.

Speakers Bio

Johannes Kirchmair, co-founder and Managing Director of Single Use Support GmbH, is a professional in the field of Single Use Technologies with an international track record in various positions. His passion is to rethink the Bulk Drug Substance Freeze/Transport/Thaw process. Single Use Support GmbH is holding several patents for technologies in this field.




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