January 19, 2021

Freezing & Storing biopharmaceuticals at -80°C and below - The best economical choice


There are many choices on how to freeze your biopharmaceutical bulk material. Some freezing methods focus on deep freezing while others long-term storage to hold temperature. But what is the most effective and efficient approach for my cold chain?

Controlled rate freezing via plate freezers have scientifically proven advantages over conventional blast/static freezers; yet the latter remain on the market because they have perceived advantages like low capital cost, easy installation, and appear easy to use.

In this publication we show that the intital price can be deceiving and there are significant additional costs during ongoing usage in the long term. Plate freezers ensure a complete, consistent, and fast freezing (and thawing) to ensure the quality of your high-valued drug substance is maintained, and through simple lifecylcle analysis they outpace conventional options regarding total costs.

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Whitepaper: Freezing & Storage of Biopharmaceuticals at -80°C

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Alexander Fuchs

Head of Product Line Management

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