December 22, 2022

Single-Use Technologies: Scalable, Modular Systems Bring Cost Efficiency to Bioprocessing

The evolution of single-use technologies (SUTs) is among the most important developments of biomanufacturing. Large stainless-steel containers have long been used for storage and cooling of drug substances. However, there has been a shift toward SUT, which has enhanced manufacturing agility and flexibility. Establishment of single-use systems also has built a solid foundation upon which to improve production of several types of biopharmaceuticals, including mRNA, allogeneic cell therapies, and viral-vectored gene therapies. Especially for emerging modalities, single-use equipment is a logical choice. Manufacturers need to fill, freeze, and ship such therapies quickly. SUTs enable multimodal production, enhance throughput, and expedite changeover procedures. Disposable bioprocess systems also help companies to work flexibly, breaking up conventional batch sizes.

RoSS shell protecting single-use bags liquid transfer

Single Use Support GmbH stands for customer-focused solutions surrounding single-use systems, seeking to improve pharmaceutical fluid management and cold-chain logistics, with the goal of minimizing product loss. Technologies around liquid transfer of biopharmaceuticals continues to evolve through the Austrian-based company’s end-to-end process solutions consisting of sterile consumables such as single-use bioprocess containers, related assemblies, and robust storage and shipping shells for protection of bioprocess solutions. Our product portfolio is constantly growing with SUT platform systems for automated aseptic filling, controlled and scalable freezing, cold storage, shaking, and shipment of drug substances and products. It is essential to develop flexible end-to-end systems that can be applied with any type of single-use bag or bottle container. The vendor-agnostic approach to fluid management has helped this innovative company succeed.

Fueled by the improved performance of SUTs, Single Use Support is committed to preventing future bottlenecks for single-use systems. The slogan, “Pioneering Biopharma,” is manifested in the corporate DNA, and that sentiment will drive the solution provider to help advance the pharmaceutical industry.


Michael Eder

Senior Marketing Manager