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Single Use Manifold Assemblies

Full Modularity: The Single Use Manifold is a customized manifold & tubing system based on different sterile consumables such as tubing modules and aseptic connectors directly from Single Use Support. Single use tubing and single use assemblies for upstream, downstream as for fill and finish processing.
Fluid management made simple.

What makes SUS Manifolds the GO-TO solution?

100% customized & fitting

Create your customized one-stop manifolds solution for safe and comfortable single use filling with a choice of options regarding tubings, connectors, extractors and filtration systems that can be utilized with either bags or bottles. Or choose your manifolds as sets for you to adapt to your RoSS.FILL filling & draining platform.


Achieve maximum flexibility by designing your systems and processes according to your needs with custom-made manifolds that are scalable and offer a hybrid solution for both single use bags and bottles.

100% quality

Ensure 100% quality by utilizing gamma or irradiation steriziled single use tube assemblies to facilitate an uninterrupted flow of your drug substance solution that prevents contamination and product loss.

Shortest Lead Times

Our manufacturing facilities offer unbeaten lead times for sterile consumables used for fluid management of only a few weeks whilst maintaining ongoing customization and availability of single-use manifolds.

Modular single use manifolds

One of the main benefits when employing platforms based on single-use technologies is the sheer number of options and possibilities available. With our modular manifolds we have added yet another option to our portfolio to help you streamline your processes even further. 

Single use manifolds provide a seamless transition from tubing to bag to filling system in order to provide a continuous, unrestricted flow, eliminating the need for barbed fittings.

This not only speeds up but also adds to a safe and comfortable single use filling process that is at the same time controllable: An important step in an industry that is driven by time and highest quality standards.

Our manifolds are double-fixed with ties, gamma-sterilized or optionally e-beam sterilized and offer an easy and straightforward connection for your feeding system while ensuring that the highest possible quality will be maintained.

Standard and customized manifolds and their advantages

In order to comply with the versatile requirements of today’s market, flexibility and the option to customize are key.

And while you can order our single use manifolds in standard set sizes for all sterile consumables for RoSS.FILL to design your individual single use assemblies on-site, we have added/are introducing the option of custom-made manifolds

Our modular setup allows you to customize our manifolds according to your specifications prior to ordering and by simply entering the required parameters. This has the added benefits of:

  • Obtaining feeding system and manifolds from the same source allowing for highest degrees of alignment
  • Achieving maximum flexibility and scalability while maintaining full control 
  • Adhering to quality through gamma radiation or e-beam and compliance requirements without the need for additional process steps

Manifold materials and parts

Our customizable manifolds and tubing solution is compatible with different modules and accessories – all of which are made using high-quality, medical-grade materials.

This facilitates the creation of fluid pathways that can be adapted to any kind of lab and/or production set-up. It allows us and you to create a system that meets all your needs including the following: 

  • Tubings
  • Connectors
  • Filters
  • Pump modules
  • Closure systems

Designs can range from simple sanitary ends to complex configurations of different lengths and including any number of connections.

They are both modular and compatible with any given single use connection so you can adapt and customize according to your circumstances and to what is needed on the market.

In addition, our setup is taking flexibility to the next level by being hybrid so it can be utilized with both single use bags and bottles.

Manifold connections

All our connections are assembled and double-fixed with ties in order to prevent leaks or entrapment issues that will lead to contamination and result in product loss. The connections are custom-made according to your provisions, and they include the following:

  • Y and T connectors
  • Crosses
  • Filters
  • Clamps and stoppers
  • Closures for (sample) bags and bottles
  • Custom-made designs including elbows and special sizes

While this does not only prevent contamination, it also reduces assembly time, expenses and downtime.

Furthermore, it provides for a seamless and smooth inner surface which is gamma-irradiated or e-beam to facilitate an uninterrupted, sterile fluid transfer of your drug substance solution.

Single Use Manifold Assembly Fluid Management

Scalable and modular manifold designs

In order to facilitate truly flexible and scalable manifold solutions, the single-use approach is at the core of all our platforms and technologies.

All workflows are designed to be both modular and compatible with any given single use connection and single use bag (or bottle) so you can adapt and customize as needed.

You can be sure that all necessities have been considered in order for you to cover all your bases.

RoSS.FILL advanced

How to take your production line to the next level with custom-made manifolds

Contact us to create your custom-made manifolds and single use tube assemblies.

You have the choice of a range of components and configurations. You can order standard sets or customized assemblies with just a few simple clicks.

We guarantee quick turnaround and lead times in order to support a continuous supply chain and to help you take your production line to the next level.

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