RoSS.FILL Bottle | Fill-Filtration

Fully automated filling and filtration system - used for filling of bottles for drug substances. 
Contains 1 control unit + 1 bottle filling rack. Automated filling of up to 20 bottles per rack.

Upon request multiple racks possible to attach to control unit for simultaneous aseptic filling.

Dimensions (mm)
910 / min. 1600 / 1778
Dimensions (inch)
35,8 / min. 63 / 70
Delivery time4-6 months

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RoSS.FILL Bottle - single use bottle filling machine
Single use bottle filling machine RoSS.FILL bottle

RoSS.FILL Bottle | Fill-Filtration

The fully automated RoSS.FILL platform enables worry-free filling and filtration of your liquid drug and non-drug substances into bottles. With its high filling accuracy, the platform provides continuous filling for up to 6 racks at the same time as closed system, no limitations in volume.