RoSS.SHIP Single Use

Single-use cold chain transport container for shipment of frozen RoSS shells

  • Load up to 50 RoSS shells or more, depending on single-use bag manufacturer and size
  • Holds temperature of -60°C for at least for 6 days
  • Designed for dry ice shipment
  • Track & trace sensors/equipment on request (optional)
Dimensions (mm)
1200 / 800 / 1075
Dimensions (inch)
47,2 / 31,5 / 42,3
Weight (kg)40
Weight (lb)88
Delivery time4-6 weeks

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Datasheet RoSS.SHIP Single-Use

Datasheet RoSS.SHIP

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Single Use Support shipper

RoSS.SHIP | Ship, Track & Trace

RoSS.SHIP secures the cold chain shipping and storing of bulk drug substance for almost one week. Highly robust, stackable, coolable and compact – Fort Knox for high-quality substances!