ULTRA SMART TRACKING | Track & Trace for Cold Chain Logistics

Ultra Smart Tracking gives you transparent data when your drug substance is on the move. Check temperature (-200°C to +80°C), geo-position, g-force, air pressure and humidity in real-time 24/7.

For long-distance transport, “smart shipping” solutions are available, for example cold-chain shipping containers for the international shipment of frozen 2D bioprocess containers. Together with electronic monitoring devices, "SUS Smart Hub", placed both outside and "SUS Smart Gadget", placed inside the shipping container, this represents a solution for the ultra-smart tracking and surveillance of drug substances. 

This can be integrated in the cold chain shipping container RoSS.SHIP to feature 

  • Automated alarms 
  • Reports
  • Archiving, with all tracked data stored in the cloud. 
  • 21 CFR Part 11 certified, meeting internationally accepted criteria established for the electronic tracking of drug substances
Delivery time4-6 weeks

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Ultra Smart Tracking for Cold Chain Logistics

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Ultra Smart Tracking | Track & Trace for Cold Chain Logistics

Solution for ultra-smart real-time track & trace of drug substances during international cold chain transportation. Can be integrated into the cold chain shipping container RoSS.SHIP