End-To-End Solutions for Cell & Gene Therapies

Small Volumes

Advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) are medicines for human use that are based on genes, tissues or cells. More and more cell and gene therapies have been approved and are available globally. The approach to biopharmaceutical end-to-end solutions shows an even greater advantage moving forward.

Cell and gene therapy filling system RoSS.FILL CGT

Cell Therapy

Based on using human cells this type of regenerative medicine targets cancer cells and genetic diseases. Stem cells that are taken either by the patient or from a suitable donor are modified and (re-) injected intravenously into the patient. 

  • CAR-T cell therapy is one of the most prominent autologous patient-centric treatment for patients suffering from certain types of leukemia/lymphoma. Cold chain logistics including timely and secure transport of low volumes of treatment are key.  
  • With allogeneic treatments multiple patients receive the modified, grown, and harvested cell from a single donor for treatment, reaching higher volumes ultimately. Allogeneic cell therapy is therefore generally manufactured in batches and requires storage before delivery.

Single-use applications for fluid management in Cell Therapies.

Gene Therapy

Under gene therapies fall in-vivo viral vector production, such as AAV or lentivirus, plasmid DNA production and ex-vivo gene modified cell therapy. The latter is in turn distinguished from autologous and allogeneic therapies. 

Blood cells are taken from a donor to be modified, grown, and harvested for the same donor (autologous) or multiple recipients (allogeneic). DNA is extracted to be genetically modified ex vivo. It is then re-infused in the patient’s system to target cancer cells.

Single-use applications for fluid management in Gene Therapies.

End-to-end solution for cell and gene therapies by Single Use Support

Innovative CGT process solution

With the use of Single Use Support’s technology, biopharmaceutical companies in the area of Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) and Regenerative Medicine can minimize the risk of bio contamination, manipulation or product loss towards 0%. Mostly small batches of either t-cells, buffer, primary cells or media are supplied and delivered between biopharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, CMOs and CDMOs, hospitals and other suppliers. 

Single-use technologies that perform fast operations accelerate time-critical process for cell & gene therapies. Integrated and scalable process solutions around single-use bioprocess containers that include automated aseptic filling and controlled freezing and thawing optimize and standardize logistic process steps for ATMPs.


RoSS.KSET top view

ROSS.KSET | Protecting small single-use bags

RoSS.KSET offers the protection for drug substances with volumes less than 250 mL. The shell of our CGT bag protection system is robust, closed, safe and sterile – most suitable for cell and gene therapies or clinical studies.

For larger volumes, RoSS can protect one or multiple single-use bags in one shell.

RoSS Fill-Lab Scale_Fill & Filtraton Platform

RoSS.FILL Lab Scale | Fill-Filtration | 1mL-1000mL

Accuracy is key: Fully automated platform system for aseptic filling of up to 12 single-use bags in standard configuration and is extendable to higher bag quantities. Most suitable for filling small volumes in laboratories for cell & gene therapies or seed train intensification.

Automated filling and draining system for CGT - RoSS.FILL CGT

RoSS.FILL CGT | Automated filling platform for CGT

Fully automated platform system for aseptic filling of multiple small single use bags. Special designed for use in cell & gene therapies with batch sizes at low volumes. With its high filling accuracy, the platform provides filling for up to 36 bags with one rack - having the option to attach more racks.

Lab freezer pharma with RoSS.pFTU labscale

RoSS.pFTU Lab-Scale | Freeze-Thaw Platform

Compatible with single use bags of all sizes and manufacturers. Our lab scale freezer is the perfect solution for studies conducted in labs and, above all, if you want to start a controlled and scalable freezing process.

Cryogenic Freezer RoSS LN2F

RoSS.LN2F | Cryogenic Freezer

RoSS.LN2F is a powerful cryogenic controlled rate freezer for temperatures down to -170°C/-274°F. An enclosed LN2 system and our innovative direct injection system ensure no direct exposure and no mechanical compressors are needed. This ensures a safe, low-maintenance and energy-saving handling.

Features and Benefits

  • Adaptability of single-use systems
  • Closed system through single-use bags reduces risk of contamination
  • Protection of bioprocess containers reduces product loss through breakages
  • Accelerated operations thanks to automation
  • Independent from size and manufacturer of primary packaging
  • All-in service
  • Scale-up thanks to modular technologies
  • Optional upgrade to Pharma 4.0 cloud-based data analysis

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RoSS.FILL machine for CGT bags

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