Draining of Substances

Bulk drug products are transported in a frozen state to the Fill & Finish site, where the drugs are emptied from their primary packagings, e.g. single-use bags, before being filled into syringes and vials for global distribution. In this step of the manufacturing process, pooling the drug product for final filling, the liquids are of the highest value.

Draining by gravity in a completely manual operation results in greater product loss, higher contamination risk and uncontrolled manual process steps. 

Single Use Support's automated draining systems introduce standardization to the draining process in compliance with cGMP. In addition, it is cost-effective, reduces labor and minimizes product loss.



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Product Overview: Draining of Substances


RoSS.DRAI | Drain

Drain your single use bags at Fill & Finish site. This standalone draining rack enable controlled fluid flow while draining single-use bags. Connected peristaltic pumps enable lowest holdup volume. Multiple racks can be attached for simultaneous and continuous pooling thanks to inclination of all shelves. All disconnection types possible.



Datasheet RoSS.DRAI

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Case Study_RoSS.DRAI_Automated Draining ROI

Case Study - Automated Draining ROI

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