RoSS.FRDG Plus | Portable Ultra Cold Storage

RoSS.FRDG Plus is a portable ultra-cold storage freezer for frozen drug substances. The flexible freezer offers a range of set point temperature down to -80°C.

Our ultra-low temperature freezer is compatible with RoSS Shells to protect your bioprocess containers. It offers highest storage density, is fully portable and can be modularly adapted to your individual needs and preferred primary packaging.

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Advantages of a portable ultra cold freezer

  • Active-cooled by Thermo Control Unit
  • Temperature setpoints down to -80°C (-112°F)
  • In battery operation able to keep temperature actively for up to 2 hours: The battery mode enables worry-free loading and unloading processes with the transport vehicle
  • Acoustic & visual alarming system
  • Display for easier handling of system controls
Fridge for laboratory - RoSS.FRIG high density cold storage

Facts on the portable ultra cold storage freezer RoSS.FRDG

  • Insulated container for long-term cooling of drug substances in RoSS Shells
  • Upright Freezer Style
  • Ultra-cold Freezer: Holds desired temperature down to -80°C
  • Ease of use for loading: place loaded Trolleys or Racks as a whole inside
  • Fully modular: customized shelving systems
  • GMP compliant alarm management
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Flexible storage location
  • Compatibility to RoSS single-use technologies
  • Contains up to 300L of drug substance
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Learn more about the flexible RoSS.FDRG

The ultra low temperature storage freezer RoSS.FRDG is designed to meet the requirements reliable storage and transportation of frozen drug substances: the freezer allows highest temperature stability down to -80°C, and is compatible with RoSS Shells to provide maximum protection for single-use bags.


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Datasheet RoSS.FRDG Plus

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