As part of the end-to-end solution we offer valuable accessories for the BULK.STREAM® and SEED.STREAM® applications. Accessories are supporting devices for in-plant transport and international shipping, as well as refrigerators to store frozen drug substances.

Store and Ship from Single Use Support

RoSS.RACKs are supporting devices for in-plant but also international shipping of multiple RoSS shells. The non-cooled racks smoothen the process between different logistics units, such as from filling RoSS shells to the bulk drug substance freeze platform (RoSS.pFTU) – moving RoSS shells in-plant with ease.

RoSS.FRDG can hold both, Racks and Trolleys for long-term cold storage. The flexible, stackable and mobile refrigerator replace bulky and incompatible static freezer.

Smart Tote Biopharma 3D single-use bag holder

ROSS.LIQU is a stainless-steel rigid tote to protect 3D single use bags of up to 1000l during liquid shipment applications.

RoSS.SHAK Shaker

RoSS.SHAK is your reliable shaker to regain highest protein quality and homogeneity of your biopharmaceuticals. Shake up to 70L per run with 3 pre-defined speed options and a diagonal movement of up to 30°.

Rack & Trolley

RoSS.RACKs are supporting devices for in-plant transport for up to 30 RoSS® shells. Racks can be moved easily either on paletts or as trolleys and smoothen the process between various logistics units, such as from filling RoSS® shells to the bulk substance freeze platform.

The non-cooled racks are your buddies to store RoSS shells either for short-term storage before shipment, for cell & gene therapies or during high cell density cryopreservation in upstream seed train intensification.

The solid RoSS.RACK is made out of stainless steel and therefore suitable for the use in clean rooms and short-term cooled storage rooms.


  • On site containers for passive storage processes
  • Suitable for clean room
  • Available with stainless steel
  • Adjustable to all requirements and batch sizes
  • Single use or multi use

“No plant is like another. If one of the existing Accessories does not fulfill your requirements, please contact Single Use Support to find a customized solution.”

Store and Ship from Single Use Support

RoSS Trolley

The Trolley is your buddy for easy handling in every suite.

  • Multi use
  • For in-plant transportation
  • Suitable for passive storage processes
  • Suitable for use in clean rooms
  • Easy to clean / hygienic design upon request


  • Single Use
  • Rack for international shipping
  • For use in cooled environment

High Density Cold Storage

Refrigerating frozen drug substances for storage. Flexible, Stackable, Mobile, Coolable & Scalable. 

RoSS.FRDG is a storage fridge for frozen drug substances in different sizes. It aspires to replace the need for storage freezers when freezing with plate-based freezers at large scales by offering:

  • Great relief for cold room storage capacities due to its high storage density and stackability of RoSS shells
  • Seamless transitions between deep-freezing (RoSS.pFTU) and shipping (RoSS.SHIP) or thawing in an end-to-end process
  • High degree of flexibility in-plant due to its portable use
  • strong helping hand in-plant to prevent staff from carrying heavy loads manually
  • Another way out from incompatibilities of technologies due to its tailored design


  • Insulated container for long-term cooling of drug substances in RoSS
  • Holds desired temperature down to -80°C
  • Place your RoSS shells into shelves or in racks and trolleys to load RoSS.FRDG
  • RoSS.FRDG is stackable itself for highest storage density
  • Ease of use for loading: place loaded Trolleys or Racks as a whole inside
  • Flexible storage location
  • Compatibility to RoSS Systems
  • Contains up to 300L of drug substance

3D Single Use Bag Totes

Protecting bulk drug substance or other biopharmaceuticals in large 3D bags during safe shipment.

RoSS.LIQU is a smart rigid tote to protect 3D single use bags of up to 1000l during critical liquid shipment applications.

  • Smart digital filling & draining with welded radar sensor rack to measure filling load in real time enables highest accuracy for filling your 3D bag.
  • The 3D Bag holder is used for liquid storage and shipping of up to 1000L of biopharmaceuticals.
  • 3D single-use bag independent
  • Thanks to its outstanding robustness it is also reliable at heavy-duty transport, easy to handle and easy to clean for multi-use.
  • Adding the benefits of stacking the totes one over another, storage space can be saved.  


  • Container for shipping of bulk drug substances
  • Available in different scales: standardized sizes of 500l and 1000l 3D bags. Customized scales upon request.
  • RoSS.LIQU is stackable itself one over another for highest storage density
  • Ease of use for loading
  • Flexible storage location
  • Shortest lead times of approx. 8 weeks
  • Suitable for cleanroom


RoSS.SHAK is your reliable shaker to regain highest quality and homogeneity of your biopharmaceuticals.

  • Agitation supports your protein recovering from stress occurred after the manufacturing process including freezing.
  • RoSS shells with thawed liquid are placed on the 5 shelves in RoSS.SHAK.
  • After loading the user can start shaking instantly according to given recipe.
  • During the process, the inner frame is moved diagonally with a defined angle of 30° in relation to the frame in order to induce a rotation of the liquid in the bags.


  • Constant diagonal movement of 30° for the required time upon given recipe
  • Shake up to 70L of biopharmaceuticals per run
  • 3 pre-defined speed options
  • Heating device upon request
  • Flexible and easy setup
  • Suitable for cleanroom