September 27, 2023

Single Use Support's Controlled Bulk Freezing Solution Wins Innovation Award

RoSS.pFTU XL, the largest plate-based freeze and thaw solution from Single Use Support, was awarded the 2023 Innovation Award by Pharma Manufacturing.

The RoSS.pFTU XL is Single Use Support's plate-based freezing & thawing unit, designed to redefine the boundaries of biopharmaceutical bulk freezing. This novel platform can effortlessly accommodate up to 10 single-use bags, each boasting a 50L nominal volume. The first-of-its-kind bulk volume plate freezer sets an exceptional pace, freezing batches down to -90°C in under 10 hours. As with all available freeze & thaw solutions, its adjustable freezing rate can be precisely tailored to meet the unique requirements of each product.

Pharma Manufacturing, a brand of Endeavor Business Media, has again recognized a product innovation from Single Use Support with the Pharma Innovation Award. Single Use Support's product solution was among the winning technologies selected by editors and industry reviewers as "a tribute to those who listen to the needs of the market and their customers, and a result, have distinguished themselves as leaders in pharma equipment and technology". Already in 2022, Single Use Support could win the Innvoation Award with its automated aliquoting solution RoSS.FILL CGT.

RoSS.PFTU XL_Large Volume Freeze-Thaw_Single Use Support

RoSS.pFTU XL | Freeze-Thaw

Controlled freezing and thawing of thousand of liters in biopharmaceutical  manufacturing processes. Automated plate-based freeze-thaw unit for 500 liters per batch of any liquid substances including vaccines, media, buffer solutions or other drug substances.

Controlled Freezing & Thawing of Large Volumes

RoSS.pFTU XL is the only plate-based freezer for large volumes of hundreds of liters. Unlike conventional freezing methods, it offers a unique plate-based freezing system that combines the benefits of fast, homogeneous freezing with precise control over the freezing rate according to your specific product requirements. This level of precision ensures optimal results and maximizes the preservation of your product's essential attributes. By eliminating the effect of cryoconcentration, this breakthrough technology minimizes the loss of product quality after freezing or drying.

RoSS.pFTU XL_Product Overview-2

Michael Eder

Senior Marketing Manager

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