Our FREEZE - THAW platform is the choice for biopharma & biotech companies to grow their margin.agility.capacity.safety.quality.efficiency.flexibility.

Bag supplier agnostic: Applicable for all established single use bag manufacturers in the market.

Scalable, flexible & supersafe.

Freeze / Thaw - RoSS


We've created a new world around the single use bag. Intuitive, clever and highly robust. RoSS.® represents the first step towards 100% safety in liquid logistics.

More Infos about RoSS®

The RoSS® basis constitutes an industry standard for single use bags.

Thus, RoSS® stands for 100% compatibility – no system change required.

Flexibility – the RoSS® shell is available for all established single use bag manufacturers and filling quantities.

Safety – thanks to the use of clever materials the single use bag has a 100% protective shell.

RoSS® offers minimal storage volume and maximum strength.

Scalability – RoSS® is the basis for the highly effective BULK.STREAM®

Recycling – even though it is designed for single use, RoSS® can be separated into its components quickly and easily.

RoSS® stands for a safety upgrade for the biopharma process chain.


The industry standard “Single Use Bag” turns into an efficient and robust warehousing and logistics system.


Qualification & Validation

Single Use Support helps you out from the beginning to the end - at highest qualification!

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We see issues with integrity of Single Use Systems in the biopharma world. Potentially, the MITS.2D technology is able to help address Endotoxin and Bioburden issues properly. Sterility is key for some applications very close to the patient in Fill and Finish facilities. Midterm, MITS.2D might be able to mitigate the risk of biocontamination in these process steps also.


FDA authority, USA

We were looking for a solid shipping solution for our single use bags. None of the available solutions to date offered reassuring solutions.
Thanks to a fortunate coincidence we got in touch with SUSupport. Not only have we found a more than solid solution for our main problem thanks to their product RoSS® but we now have access to a clever and 100% safe drug substance logistics system.

Program Manager

Lonza AG, Basel

We were analyzing different solutions on the market for freezing and thawing our drug substances in single-use bags.
The combination of a bag agnostic robust secondary packaging RoSS and the scalable plate based freeze/thaw technologies convinced us to select Single Use Support.
It not only matches all our requirements, it is also safe, easy to navigate and flexible to single-use bags from any supplier.
Furthermore, it is a good starting point to expand to a whole end-to-end solution.

Program Manager

3S Bio

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SUSupport – innovation for biopharma logistics made in Tyrol


SUSupport (Single Use Support) was founded in 2015 by Johannes Kirchmair and Thomas Wurm. It was and is their aim to improve the logistics process for liquids in the biopharma industry on the basis of “Single Use Bags”. All too often the two founders of Single Use Support were confronted with great losses of highest-quality biopharma liquids caused by leakages or bio contamination.

The reason are tiniest material deficiencies of Single Use Bags that are not tested, as well as faulty packaging, and mostly frozen bags that are scarcely protected from external mechanical influences. Furthermore, substantial variations in temperature in the cold chain pose a logistical problem that regularly causes the loss of highest-quality biopharma intermediates or end products.


From off-the-shelf single use bags to next level development

SUSupport’s first solution is “RoSS® – a specifically developed shell system that nestles the relatively sensitive “Single Use Bag” – primarily in case of frozen applications. SUSupport offer their RoSS® system for all established manufacturers and filling quantities, like Sartorius or ThermoFisher single use bags. Instead of cardboard or polystyrene they use a composite of high quality foam and stainless steel. But RoSS®, with all its obvious protective advantages, was only the beginning.

When sealed, the fairly sensitive single use bag turns into a highly stable shell system, which facilitates the storage of liquids in the tightest of spaces.The individual RoSS® containers can be placed in the RoSS.Ship developed by SUSupport in a compact way. The stable RoSS® Shell units are stored in the stainless steel container construction RoSS.SHIP consuming the equivalent space/volume of standard shipping goods (footprint of a Euro palette). Compact and safe, the liquids contained in the single use bags and stored in the RoSS.SHIP containers can be consistently cooled in the isolated RoSS.Ship container, both actively and passively. For single use end-to-end processes, the RoSS.SHIP container is also available in different materials.


Single use bags – those are the issues?

The issue of undetected material deficiencies was not yet solved. SUSupport took the challenge to present the biopharma industry with solutions for preventing risks. With their MITS.2D, SUSupport have developed a mobile integrity test system that enables the testing of a single use bag with a capacity of up to 50 liters in less than a minute in order to guarantee its 100% functionality and tightness. Thus, the MITS is the first integrity test that can be used on the spot in order to assure the intactness of the “single use bag”.


BULK.STREAM – the newly developed logistics process for liquids

For SUSupport, the missing link in the process thus far was the systematic filling of the single use bags, which in practice is a manual and comprehensive process. This has changed with the development of RoSS.FILL. The Rack (tailored to the single use bags in use as well as the respective RoSS Shell) is fitted with the RoSS® units that are attached to the filling hoses. Up to 20 RoSS® Shells can be filled with an accuracy of +-10Ml g. Fully automated, 200 liters are aliquot in less than an hour and with a safety degree of 100%.

  • Use of single use bags of all established manufacturers (Thermofischer, Sartorius, GE, Meissner, PALL, Merck/MilliporeSigma, Entegris)
  • RoSS®, RoSS.SHIP, RoSS.FILL are available for all established filling quantities and single use bag sizes
  • Compatibility with all established connecting systems
  • Drastically increased warehousing and shipping safety
  • Significantly increased warehousing capacity thanks to the low product volume of RoSS® Shell
  • Superior shipping safety (air, freight, loading process)
  • Cooling, tracking and scalable shipping volume (transparency & controlling)
  • A completely closed process chain with the BULK.STREAM®being the robust bridge from downstream all the way to fill & finish


The logistics process for biopharma liquids is underdeveloped

The entire process, which has been reconsidered and newly developed by SUSupport, was named “BULK.STREAM® by the company’s founders – it stands for “moving liquids in bulk”, like bulk drug substances (BDS), all the way from the downstream to the fill & finish process.

“It is our aim to increase the patient safety and to fashion core processes more intelligently than in the past”, as Single Use Support founders Kirchmair and Wurm state. “Considering the value of the substances, not only for the pharma industry but also for the patients, the established logistics process solutions for biopharma liquids are absolutely underdeveloped.”

In 2018 the team has grown to about 15 people and is constantly expanding. New developments are about to be launched and the production is being expanded due to the growing number of new customers.

Within three years, the two founders have built a company that is being noticed in the international pharma industry.