RoSS® Bag Shaker

Compatible with single use bags of all manufacturers and sizes

Re-homogenizing of protein solutions!
Based on a patent pending technology, RoSS® Bag Shaker is tailor-made to mix 2D bags efficiently.

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RoSS® Trolley

Compatible with RoSS®®

Stainless steel trolley for up to 22 RoSS® trays for handling and storage.

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RoSS.FILL Flex Rack

Compatible with RoSS.FILL

    The RoSS.FILL Flex Rack enables you to now also fill bottles with your RoSS.FILL, making the transition from bottles to single use bags easy.

  • Manifold gets placed on the system
  • Bottles get connected at point of use
  • 1 automatic valve/bottle, or one valve/weight cells (tbd)
  • 6 weight cells
  • GMP, cfrp11 compliant software control unit can be used with the bottle rack or the bag/shell rack
  • Flexible solution for single use bags (see RoSS.FILL) and bottles (with Flex Rack)
  • Same control unit (just switching rack)
  • Standard Siemens
  • DeltaV connection optional

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RoSS.pFTU Flex 

Compatible with RoSS.pFTU large scale

Freeze/thaw for 2D single-use bags and bottles.

Thanks to RoSS.pFTU Flex our freeze/thaw platform RoSS.pFTU large scale can now also be used in combination with bottles, which makes the transition from bottles to single use bags in the freeze/thaw process easier.

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We see issues with integrity of Single Use Systems in the biopharma world. Potentially, the MITS.2D technology is able to help address Endotoxin and Bioburden issues properly. Sterility is key for some applications very close to the patient in Fill and Finish facilities. Midterm, MITS.2D might be able to mitigate the risk of biocontamination in these process steps also.


FDA authority, USA

We were looking for a solid shipping solution for our single use bags. None of the available solutions to date offered reassuring solutions.
Thanks to a fortunate coincidence we got in touch with SUSupport. Not only have we found a more than solid solution for our main problem thanks to their product RoSS® but we now have access to a clever and 100% safe drug substance logistics system.

Program Manager

Lonza AG, Basel