June 30, 2021

Single Use Support breaks new ground

by Michael Eder

Reading time: 2 minutes

In the biopharma market, Single Use Support has already advanced to become a big player, the continuous growth of the Tyrolean company is now leading to a 4-dimensional expansion

July 29, 2021

Standardizing CAR-T therapy – Getting it scaled up!

by Michael Eder

Reading time: 4 minutes

The fields of gene and cellular therapy such as CAR-T and CGT therapy, are characterized by continuous development alongside rapid growth. Read everything about the scaling process of this industry!

June 29, 2021

An overview of relevant suppliers: Freeze Thaw in Biopharma

by Michael Eder

Reading time: 5 minutes

In order to preserve biopharmaceutical properties, bulk drug substances are commonly frozen before they are being stored or sent on their way around the globe. Read more about the players and their innovations!

June 17, 2021

Single use bag manufacturers on the biopharmaceutical market – the major players

Martin Told by Martin Told

Reading time: 10 minutes

The advanced platforms of the newest generation of single use bags are generally compatible with a variety of bag brands and volumes. One of these platforms is Single Use Support’s RoSS®, which offers the benefit of not only being bag agnostic but also highly flexible thanks to its modular design. Learn more about the biggest player in the industry!

June 16, 2021

Defying the shortages in single-use manifold assemblies

by Michael Eder

Reading time: 3 minutes

Single-use manifolds are without any doubt the cohering element that keep running the biomanufacturing of drug substances, and it is the supplier’s duty to adapt on customers’ needs.